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Training Videos can be accessed free of charge on the Autotask Training Channel on YouTube.

Autotask Workplace Playlist
This video series will help you get started with Autotask Workplace.

Individual Videos:

Installing Workplace Desktop
Getting started with Autotask Workplace Desktop is easy. Workplace Desktop allows you to select the information you want to sync between your computer and the Autotask Workplace service. This video reviews how to install Workplace Desktop from your Workplace Online account.

Sharing with Public Links
Autotask Workplace lets you quickly create links that allow you to share information within your organization or with the world. This video reviews the process of creating a publicly accessible link for a file or folder you want to share.

Public Link Options
Secure information sharing is critical for every organization. This video reviews all the options available when you share public links via Autotask Workplace.

Syncing to Your Computer
Autotask Workplace gives you access to your data wherever you are and automatically syncs to ensure you always have the most up-to-date information. Workplace Desktop allows you to control what syncs to your computer so you don't use precious space for information you don't need offline. This video reviews how to control the syncing of data to your computer.

Sharing with My Team
Autotask Workplace allows you to easily share information with your team. By default, Workplace provides only the creator of a project access to that information. This video reviews how to share projects with the appropriate permissions for each member, connection or group.

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