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Date Product Release Notes
December 2017 Workplace OnlineWorkplace Online is the web portal that users within a team can use to access their data and administer their team. 2017.2.1 Service Update
December 2017 Workplace MobileWorkplace Mobile is the Workplace application designed specifically for the various mobile platforms, providing access to Autotask Workplace. Workplace Mobile 2.3 for iOS and Android
November 2017 Workplace"Workplace" describes the Autotask Workplace service in its entirety. Online, Workplace ServerWorkplace Server is a component of the Autotask Workplace service. It makes all your files accessible through Workplace while retaining local, centralized data storage so that your data is also available via your local area network (LAN). The Workplace service keeps all data on your LAN accessible internally and in sync with Workplace., Workplace DesktopAlso known as the Workplace Desktop app, and in the context of this documentation, simply "the app," Workplace Desktop is the software installed on a computer that is responsible for synchronizing data between the local drive and the cloud. 2017.2 Service Update
September 2017 Workplace Mobile Workplace Mobile 2.2 for iOS and Android
August 2017 Workplace Desktop Workplace Desktop 7.1 for Windows
June 2017 Workplace Mobile Release Notes - Workplace Mobile 2.1 for Android
June 2017 Workplace Mobile Workplace Mobile 2.1 for iOS
May 2017 Workplace Server, Workplace Online, Workplace Desktop Workplace Server 7.0
April 2017 Workplace Mobile Workplace Mobile 2.0.445 for Android
March 2017 Workplace Online 2017.1 Service Update
February 2017 Workplace Mobile Workplace Mobile 2.0 for Android
December 2016 Workplace Mobile Workplace Mobile 2.0 for iOS
November 2016 Workplace Online & Workplace Desktop 2016.4 Service Update
June 2016 Workplace Desktop Workplace Desktop Agent 5.2 for Windows
June 2016 Workplace Online 2016.3 Service Update
April 2016 Workplace Mobile Go for Android 1.0
March 2016 Workplace Desktop Workplace Desktop Agent 5.2 for Mac
March 2016 Workplace Online 2016.2 Service Update
January 2016 Workplace Online 2016.1 Service Update - LDAP Direct AD integration

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