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Enabling or Disabling the Microsoft File Locking Plugin (Windows Only)

All Workplace Desktop for Windows users

Workplace Desktop > Preferences... > Preferences button > Workplace Sync tab

Workplace DesktopAlso known as the Workplace Desktop app, and in the context of this documentation, simply "the app," Workplace Desktop is the software installed on a computer that is responsible for synchronizing data between the local drive and the cloud. for Windows offers Microsoft Office Locking support. When it's enabled,

  • The file will lock as soon as the user begins editing the document.
  • When a file is open, the user will be notified if the file is updated by another user.
  • The file will automatically unlock when it is closed.

Additionally, the Lock files automatically in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint option can be enabled, which will lock file automatically once editing of one of these document types begin.

The Microsoft Office plugin requires:

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