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Sharing with Public Links
Autotask Workplace lets you quickly create links that allow you to share information within your organization or with the world. This video reviews the process of creating a publicly accessible link for a file or folder you want to share.

Public links allow you to share data with users that do not have an account within your Workplace"Workplace" describes the Autotask Workplace service in its entirety. team.

These links allow anyone with internet access to view, download, and upload files, at no additional cost.

While Connections allow full collaboration and file sharing with external partners, public links offer a way to share files with a wider audience, but with limited functionality.

Project owners, and users with Reshare & Public Links enabled for the project, can publicly link items. Public linking can be disabled for specific users or groups of users via Policy Profiles. If you cannot create public links, check with your administrator.

A public link can be created for any project, folder or file. Only items that have been publicly linked appear on the Public Links view of your dashboard. A icon appears next to all publicly linked items.

For details on how to create public links, refer to Manage Project, Folder, and File Shares. For details about the information in the lower portion of this page, refer to the Dashboard topic.

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