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In Workplace"Workplace" describes the Autotask Workplace service in its entirety., a "device" is a computing device (mobile, desktop, or laptop) that is capable of running the Workplace DesktopAlso known as the Workplace Desktop app, and in the context of this documentation, simply "the app," Workplace Desktop is the software installed on a computer that is responsible for synchronizing data between the local drive and the cloud. or Workplace MobileWorkplace Mobile is the Workplace application designed specifically for the various mobile platforms, providing access to Autotask Workplace. . The "Devices" tab displays all devices you own that have Workplace Desktop or Workplace Mobile installed.

If you are an administrator and want to locate and manage the devices of your team members, refer to Manage Devices.

If you have not yet added a device, the page will look like this:

When you have added one or more devices to Workplace, they will be listed on the Devices tab:

Depending on the current status of a device (active, disabled, recycled, or deleted), different management options will be available:

DeviceA device is computing device that has access to Autotask Workplace, including both mobile devices and computers. Status Available Actions
  Rename Disable Enable Recycle Delete Wipe
Active *   *    
Disabled     *    
Recycled       *  

* Wipe is an additional option when you disable, recycle, or delete a device.

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