Managing Project, Folder, and File Comments

A comment is a note that can be added to a project, folder, or file by a user, or by the system. Comments are a useful collaboration tool that provide a clear overview of conversation and events relating to the project, folder or file with which they are associated.

System comments are also included in the comments thread, providing an audit trail of project-related activity.

NOTE  For more detailed information on project activity, refer to Reports.

System comments are automatically created when:

Icons indicate which event resulted in the creation of the comment:

Icon Event
CommentComments are user-created notes attached to a project, folder, or file. Comments are a mechanism for collaboration and remain associated with the project, folder, or file, providing a clear and simple overview of conversation relating to the project, folder, or file. added by a user. You may only delete your own comments unless you are the project owner.
ProjectA project is a top-level folder within Workplace. A project is the primary container for all the folders and files that are synchronized by the Workplace service. Projects create the basic organizational structure to store data and control user access. edit system comment. These comments cannot be deleted.
TeamA team is an entity, usually a company, which subscribes to the Workplace service. A team is made up of members and connections. share. These comments note when sharing took place and when it was changed revoked. They also contain the content of any email message sent along with the share notification.
Public share. These comments note when and to whom a public share was sent. They also contain the content of any email message sent along with the share notification.

NOTE  If the comment is new, the icon will be blue.

Regardless of the type of item the comment is associated with, the mechanisms for creating, viewing and managing comments is always the same.

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