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File Detail

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Depending on your permissions for specific projects (e.g. Read Only, Create & Modify, etc.) some of the functions described in this topic may not be accessible to you. Refer to Manage Project, Folder, and File Shares for more information.

Workplace Online > Projects > click a project > Click a file

Workplace Online > Dashboard > Click a file

The File Detail page displays information about the file and provides access to a variety of related functions.

You can download the file by clicking on the file name.

The File Detail is comprised of several different areas:

How to...

Use a team link

Team links are available so that you can link directly to the item instead of providing an entire file path.

  1. Click the file link. This will place the link on your clipboard.

  2. Paste the link into an email, IM, etc., and send it manually.


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