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Manage Project, Folder, and File Public Links

If public links have been enabled, all project owners and users with Public Links permissions.

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Public links allow anyone who has access to the internet to view, download, and upload files, at no additional cost, making it possible to collaborate with users that do not have an account within your Workplace"Workplace" describes the Autotask Workplace service in its entirety. team.

Depending on the settings you select when creating public links, they allow anyone with internet access to view, download, and upload files at no additional cost. You can also allow public link recipients to overwrite the files you share with them. And if you're sending a public link to an Office file (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx), link recipients may edit the file via Office 365.

Editing with Microsoft Office requires a MS Office 365 commercial or business account.

While connections make full collaboration and file sharing with external partners possible, public links offer a way to share files with a wider audience.

A public link can be created for any project, folder or file.

To create a public link, you must either own the project or have Public Links permissions for the item. Refer to Manage Project, Folder, and File Shares.

Public links can be disabled for specific users or groups of users with Policy Profiles. If you cannot create public links, ask your administrator if public links have been disabled.

The precise behavior of a public link to a file depends on several factors, including the file type, the operating system of the recipient, and whether or not the recipient is logged on to Workplace.

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