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Sharing with My Team
Autotask Workplace allows you to easily share information with your team. By default, Workplace provides only the creator of a project access to that information. This video reviews how to share projects with the appropriate permissions for each member, connection or group.

Workplace"Workplace" describes the Autotask Workplace service in its entirety. provides granular sharing permissions that allow you to control who can access your projects and folders, ensuring you data remains safe and secure.

Project, folder, and file sharing is designed to support collaboration with the other members of your team. To share documents with users outside your team, please refer to Manage Project, Folder, and File Public Links.

When a new project is created within Workplace, the creator automatically becomes the owner of the project and, by default, is the only person who can access the project.

Projects must be shared before other users on the team can access the contents of that project.

Projects must be shared with a specific Workplace server before they can be synced to that server.

The following levels of permission are available:

  Share Permission Levels
Online View Only1 Read-Only Modify Create & Modify Full Access
View Content

Download, Print, Save, Sync to Workplace FolderThe Workplace Folder is a folder created on the local drive of a computer which contains the synchronized folders and files from the associated Workplace account.

Email to ProjectA project is a top-level folder within Autotask Workplace. A project is the primary container for all the folders and files that are synchronized by the Workplace service. Projects create the basic organizational structure to store data and control user access. (if enabled2)      
Copy Folder SharesShares are permissions set on a project, folder, or file which determine the level of access extended to specified users and groups. with Folder3        
Change Files    
Add Files      
Delete Files        

1 Items viewed by users with Online View Only access may be watermarked, depending on whether or not the Watermark Preview policy is enabled for their policy profile. For more information, refer to Policy Profiles and Select Policies.

2 For more information about the Email to Project feature, refer to Upload files to a Project or Folder via Email.

3 You may only copy folder shares along with the contents of a folder if you are the project owner or if you have full access to the project and reshare permissions for both the original project and the project you are copying the folder to.

Share Safely

To ensure you only share the files you intend to share, please note:

  • Permissions are granular, meaning you can provide access to only certain folders within a project if desired. If you want team members to only have access to specific folders, then only share those specific folders with them. They will see the project and the folder structure leading to the shared folder, but will not see any other folders or files in the project structure.

  • Permissions are inherited. Any folders and files within the project or folder you have shared will automatically have the same permissions applied to them.

  • A lower level of permissions cannot be applied than the inherited permission. For instance, if you have given Full Access to a project, you cannot restrict that team member to Read-Only or Modify permissions for any of the contents of that project. This also means that access cannot be restricted to a folder or file within a project or folder that has been shared.
  • Permissions can be increased for sub-folders. For instance, if you’ve granted Online View Only at the project level, you can grant Modify access to a sub-folder and Full Access to a sub-folder within that sub-folder.

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