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A team is an entity (often a company) which subscribes to the Workplace"Workplace" describes the Autotask Workplace service in its entirety. service. A team is made up of members and connections. Those members and connections can be organized into groups.

Users can have multiple accounts with different Security Levels on different teams. For example, you may be an administrator on one team, a team member on another team, and a connection to a third team.

When you participate in multiple teams, these teams are referred to as "linked teams." For more information, refer to Manage Multiple Linked Accounts

For more information about specific team functions, refer to Members, Connections, Groups, Manage Devices, Manage Servers, Manage Projects, and Security, or select one of the topics on the help sidebar menu.

When devices are pending approval, the number of devices pending is shown on the Team tab as well as on the Manage Devices tab, making it easy to see when there are devices pending approval.


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