Import Team Members or Connections

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Workplace Online > Team > Members > Import Team Members button

Workplace Online > Team > Connections > Import Connections button

This import feature allows you to create several team members or connections at once by importing their data from a .csv (comma separated values) file.

Each record must be on a separate line. The first two fields, full name and email address, are required. You can also specify phone number and (for metered plans) storage quota, in that order. A default 2 GB quota will be assigned unless otherwise specified.

Depending on your language and local settings, your .csv file may use either commas or semicolon delimiters. Note that commas must be replaced with semicolons for the import to succeed.

Import file format example for metered plan:

Jane Jones;;+1 803-555-1234;5 GB
John Smith;;10 GB
Jack Brown;;+1 307-555-4321

Import file format example for unlimited plan:

Jane Jones;;+1 803-555-1234;
John Smith;;
Jack Brown;;+1 307-555-4321

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