Security Levels

Depending on the security level you have, you'll be able to see and do different things within Workplace OnlineWorkplace Online is the web portal that users within a team can use to access their data and administer their team..

NOTE  Security levels are different from sharing permissions. Sharing permissions determine what you can see and do within the specific projects and folders that have been shared with you. For more information, refer to Managing Project, Folder, and File Team Shares.

The following security levels are available:


Connections are restricted users that cannot be allocated storage, and therefore cannot create or own projects or backup their computers.


TeamA team is an entity, usually a company, which subscribes to the Workplace service. A team is made up of members and connections. members are regular, unrestricted users of Workplace"Workplace" describes the Workplace service in its entirety.. A member may be given "administrator" rights by the default administrator.


Administrators are users who are authorized to perform administrative functions, including management of the accounts of other users within the team.

Administrators can, at their sole discretion, terminate the account of team members or connections.

Super Administrator

In addition to the feature set available to administrators, super administrators can access the Team ยป Manage Projects tab in Workplace Online.

This allows super administrators to view and manage files stored by all users within that Workplace team, regardless of whether the project is shared with them or not.