Workplace Server: Progress

The Progress window is comprised of two tabs. Click a tab to display it.

Project Sync Tab

The ProjectA project is a top-level folder within Workplace. A project is the primary container for all the folders and files that are synchronized by the Workplace service. Projects create the basic organizational structure to store data and control user access. Sync tab shows a progress monitor which displays a live view of files currently syncing and files that have synced recently:

Connected Devices Tab

The Connected Devices tab displays information about Workplace DesktopAlso known as the Workplace Desktop app, and in the context of this documentation, simply "the app," Workplace Desktop is the software installed on a computer that is responsible for synchronizing data between the local drive and the cloud. devices connected to this Workplace"Workplace" describes the Workplace service in its entirety. server:

How to...

Sort the lists

To sort in ascending order, click a column header. To click in descending order, click the header again.