Team Defaults and Policies

For unlimited Workplace"Workplace" describes the Workplace service in its entirety. plans, this page is comprised of two tabs: Policies and Team Defaults. Metered plan teams will see an additional tab: Backup Exclusions (metered plans only).


PolicyA policy is a configurable site-wide setting that dictates how Workplace will behave for your team. profiles are sets of individual policies which control all the configurable behaviors and features in Workplace. Unless you create and apply additional profiles on the Policy Profiles page to further define security and functionality for different users or groups of users, the policies you define on the Policies tab of this page will apply to all your users .

Team Defaults

Metered Unlimited

On the Team Defaults tab, you'll set the default values for some attributes that will be applied when you create new users. Completing the information on this tab will make creating new users easier and faster.

NOTE  The UserA user is anyone with access to Workplace. storage field is only editable for metered plans. Unlimited plan teams will see Unlimited as the read-only value for this field, as storage allocation is not necessary for unlimited plans.

Backup Exclusions (metered plans only)

On the Backup Exclusions tab, you'll control the extensions, folder paths, and file paths that are excluded from backups. Files types and paths that are excluded will not be backed up for any users on your team.

We've already selected, by default, the file types and paths we recommend that you exclude to avoid excess and unnecessary use of storage and bandwidth. These exclusion lists are customized for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

While you may wish to add more file extensions to your exclusion lists, we recommend that you think carefully before deselecting the default extension exclusions as they have been selected to ensure maximum backup efficiency.

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