Integrate Active Directory: "LDAP Direct" Method

IMPORTANT  This article is a supplement to the Active Directory Integration Guide. Only continue with this article after reading the Active Directory Integration Guide, and when you have a clear understanding of the integration functionality.

This article explains how to integrate with Active Directory using the "LDAP Direct" method.

The LDAP Direct Active Directory integration is a method that allows you to integrate Active Directory with your Workplace"Workplace" describes the Workplace service in its entirety. team. This mode eliminates the need for one or more machines within the domain running a Workplace integration agent to authenticate the users. Instead, Workplace leverages the LDAPS protocol to directly query AD.

This new connection method involves connecting directly to the target domain via the LDAPS protocol (LDAP over SSL (TLS)).

While the integration is easier, faster and does not have the hardware requirements of the Integrate Active Directory: "On Prem" Method , it does require opening a port in your firewall to facilitate communication between your Active Directory and Workplace account.