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This page provides all the device management options available on the Devices List. The difference is, on the Manage Devices page, those options are available for all devices for your entire team.

Of particular benefit is the ability to remotely disable and wipe devices when required. Additionally, this tab allows you to manage device approval if approval is required by the policy profile assigned to you by your administrator. Refer to Policy Profiles.

If you are an administrator and device approval is required for your team, you'll receive an email when another user adds a device. You'll be able to approve or reject the device from the email, without having to log in to Workplace Online.

When devices are pending approval, the number of devices pending is shown on the Team tab as well as on the Manage Devicestab, making it easy to see when there are devices pendingapproval.

Depending on the current status of a device (active, disabled, recycled, or deleted), different options will be available:

DeviceA device is computing device that has access to Autotask Workplace, including both mobile devices and computers. Status   Available Actions
  Approve Reject Disable Enable Recycle Delete Wipe
Pending ** **          
Active     *   *    
Disabled       *    
Recycled         *  

* Wipe is an additional option when you disable, recycle, or delete a device.

** Only available when device approval is required by Policy Profiles.

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