Workplace Folder

The Workplace"Workplace" describes the Workplace service in its entirety. folder is the location on your computer where a local copy of your Workplace data is stored. When you install Workplace DesktopAlso known as the Workplace Desktop app, and in the context of this documentation, simply "the app," Workplace Desktop is the software installed on a computer that is responsible for synchronizing data between the local drive and the cloud., the Workplace folder is created automatically.

As the files you've chosen to sync are stored locally on your computer, they are accessible even without an Internet connection. When an Internet connection is available, the files and folders in the Workplace folder will automatically synchronize in the background, ensuring you have the latest versions on your local drive.

You can also create projects here, which will automatically sync to Workplace.

Workplace Desktop will watch for changes to your locally stored projects as well as projects changed via Workplace OnlineWorkplace Online is the web portal that users within a team can use to access their data and administer their team. and sync them, so your team is always working on the most recent versions of files.

How do Workplace folder items behave?

First level folders in the Workplace folder represent projects in the Workplace service. Folders are folders everywhere, as are files.

While projects function almost like any other folder on your machine, a key difference is that projects cannot be deleted within the Workplace folder on your device. They must be deleted from within the Workplace Online.

If a project is deleted from within the Workplace folder, it will only stop that project from syncing; the project will still be available within Workplace Online, on your other devices, and to colleagues who have been granted access to the project.

This principle extends to moving a project on your device - the Workplace service sees a move as a 'copy-then-delete'. This means that moving a project into another project in the Workplace folder will result in all the data being duplicated - the project will be unsynced but will remain in the cloud and a copy will be created in the new location.

Files and folders within projects operate in a more conventional manner - if you delete them on your device, they are deleted in Workplace Online. If you move them, they are moved in Workplace Online. Such changes are replicated across all your devices and all of the members of your team that have access to the project or folder.

The project owner or anyone with Full Access permissions to the file or folder can delete a file or folder on their device.

IMPORTANT  Setting permissions appropriately is a highly effective way to avoid deletions that inadvertently affect other users. Refer to Managing Project, Folder, and File Team Shares.

NOTE  If you rename a project (first-level folder) within the Workplace folder, your changes will only sync to Workplace Online if you are the owner of that project. If you are not the project owner, the local project name will change and continue to sync, however the project name will not change in the Workplace service.

Workplace Options

Options and information specific to Workplace are accessible through the right-click menu for folder and files in the Workplace FolderThe Workplace Folder is a folder created on the local drive of a computer which contains the synchronized folders and files from the associated Workplace account..

NOTE  The options available will vary, depending on the type of item (e.g. folder or file) you've selected.

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