Configuration Options for Workplace

Administrators and Super Administrators

Workplace Online > Configuration

The ConfigurationConfiguration is the area within Autotask Workplace Online that allows you to customize your site, add your integrations, and configure the site-wide policies that dictate how Autotask Workplace will behave for your team. tab in Workplace OnlineWorkplace Online is the web portal that users within a team can use to access their data and administer their team. allows administrators and super administrators to customize their team's Workplace"Workplace" describes the Autotask Workplace service in its entirety. appearance, behavior, and integrations in order to best support your company's technical environment and workflows. You can also manage and monitor Workplace Desktop deployment activities for devices associated with your team.

For specific information on each area of the Configuration tab, refer to Branding, Active Directory Integration Guide, Single Sign-On, Policy Profiles, and Deployment.


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